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We have the Contacts and Expertise to solve any Criminal, Civil or Industrial or Matrimonial Matters:-

We will help you to have your Criminal records, legally REMOVED via our Legal Team.

We Offer: Data Recovery on Cellphones and Computers

We have Friends and Contacts Worldwide !!

Recovery of Vehicles, Trucks and Goods

Technical Surveillance and De-Bugging

Matrimonial Tailing and Surveillance

Insurance Claims / Photos / Video

Lie Detector and Polygraph Test

Asset and Financial Identification

Profile on a Person or Company

Reconstruction of Crime Scenes

Fingerprints and Comparisons

Tracing of Missing Persons

Professional Investigations

International Operations

Corruption and Bribery

Departmental Hearings

Fraud Investigations

Assisting the Sheriff

Undercover Agents

Strike Monitoring

Security Surveys

Security Guards

Court Hearings

Body Guards



*  And Much, Much, more ...!!!


Ask for a free Quotation.


Results are our Promise, we leave nothing to Chance..!!


 We have Worldwide Contacts and Expertise, to solve any Criminal, Civil, Industrial and Matrimonial Cases !!!



• Security Related PSIRA Courses

• Private Detective SASSETA Course

• SASSETA Firearm Training

• SASSETA Firearm License Renewals

• SASSETA RPL Firearm Courses

• SASSETA Firearm Training for Business Purposes

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